Thursday, April 29, 2010

~~~~Poop and Peat~~~~ And A Few Other Garden Tips

As I was walking around my garden just before dusk, I had a idea to post about some 'Gardening Do's and Don'ts'.  I just put this picture first, cause it's pretty~'s the Poop and Peat of it all!  I always amend my soil before I plant anything (especially here in Florida where our soil can be so sandy).  I mix up a big ole container of Cow Manure and Peat Moss and work it deep into the soil...really helps!

Now here's quite a few "Don'ts"
Don't buy cheap garden hoses...they kink up on ya!  This makes me nuts...trying to wrangle the kinks out of the hose.  When I water....I want water!
In the same manner....don't buy cheap garden tools.  Just when your trying to plant your petunias, this can happen....not so much fun anymore!

This one's a double whammy....Don't buy cheap clippers in the first place.....Secondly, don't leave them out in the rain.  They won't cut a thing now!
Don't forget to clean up your work bench.  It should look as purty as the garden.
Likewise, don't leave your junk laying around after you've planted.....just gives hubby an opportunity to gripe at ya!
Don't forget to dead-head your you'll get more of these!

Don't forget to water your plants in pots doesn't take long for this to happen!

Don't ya just wonder how this happened?  Especially since 'nobody' knows a thing about it!
Okay, so enough of the negatives...let's get onto some positives!
Do compost your kitchen scraps and yard's good for the environment and it makes ya feel good too!  I don't have a bin...I just dump stuff in the 'lower 40'.  LOOK...I have a couple a' tomato plants coming up!
Do save your garden rake heads...they make great trellis'!

Well, I think I'll call it a day now..
Happy Planting!


  1. how funny. i have committed many of those offenses.



  2. The whole time I'm reading this, I'm shakin' my head! My husband gripes at me for leaving things in the lawn, and I HATE cheap garden hoses!!! Great post!

  3. great tips....I do a lot of the don't and not so much of the do's. I looked at my garden the other day and omg what a mess. The cobbler kids have no shoe kind of thing.
    So true about getting a good hose. That I do!

  4. Such a cute post..... :-) I must admit I've run amuck from time to time...

    Warm blessings,

  5. I so enjoyed that post! It made me laugh.That is so funny, nobody around here knows nothing about my broken things either! weird isnt it? lol...Oh and your garden is very pretty, especially those roses.

  6. Love your gardening tips, especially the fun trellis ideas! I have a gardening friend here in Washington state that swears by mushroom compost! I'm lucky if I get a few tomatos to grow in pots.

  7. Susie, lots of great tips and your garden always looks so pretty. Now you and Shelley just need to come to Texas and we'll go antiquing, maybe for the weekend. As if Texas were only a few miles down the road :) Have a great day!

  8. How did you get in my backyard without me seein' ya. I'm so busted. I do ALL, those things, but my problem is that I throw stuff in my garage or workroom, then I can't find them when I need them. Looks like our bunnies met the same match! Great post!


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