Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Let the Sunshine In"

I had such a nice day!  My friend Shelley (from Sweetpea) came over today  for lunch.  I've known Shelley for many years, but this was the first time we just had time to sit and talk and, of course, I picked her very talented brain about a couple of things for my living room.  If you don't know Shelley, definitely head directly to her blog.  She is super duper talented, and I love all her stuff. 

So, I finally got my white slipcovers this week....oh, so much  better than the black!  The coffee table is just a make-do brought in from the bedroom.  I sold my really large coffee table (Shelley about had a fit...oops, I knew I should have asked her if she wanted it!) cause it was too big too.  I'm going to cut the legs down from another table soon...but this actually looks pretty good for now!

We talked about fabrics and pillows, which ones to toss (out) and some ideas for ones to make!  I can't wait to get started!

Maybe you remember my post a while ago about the slipcover that I was going to make for my cozy chair?  Well, instead I sold my chair and bought this one from Shelley.  I just love it, and it is a much better size for the space.

I just love when the sun shines in!

Shelley  brought me these beautiful roses!  I love 'em.

Stay tuned for the next project involving this beautiful, vintage  overhead light!...Yea, right...


  1. Your home looks so fresh and charming! How nice to have time to spend with a good friend! Love your white roses too...

  2. YUMMMM.EEEEE! Love allllll of it. I love the shot in your header too. This is the third all white living room I've stumbled on today and I *gasped* at each one...

    Warm blessings,

  3. Lovely room, Susie! The slipcovers and chair look wonderful!

  4. What a warm and inviting room. I gotta tell you though...I have friend envy. How perfect to get to hang with Shelley. I just love her! You are one lucky girl!

  5. Hi Susie,
    Your living room looks awesome!! Remind me where you found your slipcovers? IKEA? Everything looks so good ~ that must have been so much fun having Shelley over. She is really talented, love her house.

    Love it all, well done my friend!


  6. Ok Susie,
    Way to make me GREEN!!! Shelley is one of my all time super hero's. I swear. I have a funny story about when she ordered the create banner from me. I had no idea it was Sweet Pea, just knew a Shelley had ordered it. OMG, if I'd known it was her I would have crumbled under the pressure of it all. On top of being a super star, she is one of the sweetest girls around. So to say I'm jealous is a bit of an understatement. Your no slouch tho Susie. I love your home. How bout the 2 of you come on over & fluff up my little abode? Lisa
    BTW, got my stuff. LOVE IT ALL! Going to see what you have now.

  7. Aaww shucks... You girls are so good for me. I am super flattered by your comments, and all of you rock as well. Thanks for lunch and the girl chat, Susie, it was so fun. Your home looks beautiful and can't wait to see the pillows you make with that yummy linen. I have always thought you were a superstar yourself.



  8. Oh, I love it...the white with the brown walls...and then there's the's my fave!

  9. Susie, your home is just gorgeous! Love the slipcovers and new chair, the wall cover, oh yeah, and all your great chippy goodies! I'm lovin' the choice of taupes and that darker chocolate color for pillows. It's all really yummy!


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