Saturday, July 31, 2010

My New Time Frame.......With A Little Help From A Friend!

I had lunch this week with my friend Shelley, Sweet Pea Home, and afterwards we came back to my home to visit some more.  Now you see, talented friends are a great way to get a 'free' design consult!  I had found this awesome old frame a few weeks back, but I was stumped with what to do with it.  Shelley suggested that I simply hang it on the wall and do a collage with my clock faces.  So, that evening I hung the frame, but couldn't quite get the faces arranged to look good (I was working with 3 larger faces; 2 square and 1 round).  As I pondered, I remembered a recent magazine article where several faces were hanging from chain that had intrigued me.  Ta Da..........

She also helped me with another frame and mirror here:
And here:
I had these 3 mirrors scattered here and there (pics aren't that good..... it's very sunny this morning as I'm shooting). She said they definitely need to be together.   The frames on these are metal with great old chippy white paint and beveled mirrors.

I still need to hang em' high(er), but need to wire one of them.  Then I can put together some accessories!  Hey Shelley, can you come over again soon?

Thanks are awesome and a good friend!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look What I Found On Craigslist!

I check out Craigslist pretty often, and have used this avenue to sell some things as well.  So Friday morning I was helping a friend  list a few things and saw this post ...simply written "Vintage Built-Ins", and the location was right around the corner.  Oh my....look what I have now!  The owner had just purchased the cutest little 1920's bungalow and salvaged these cupboards from the kitchen with great care to keep all in tact!  He's going "more modern".....I think he's nuts!

This cupboard is 8 feet tall...with layers upon layers of white paint with the exception of the inset bottom doors are a light aqua

Beadboard doors and lots of shelves. 

They called this piece a 'spice rack'

In addition, there's an extra door that was for the built in ironing closet!

You don't even want to know how little much I paid!
Today, I'm blessed....

~ neighbor gave me this rusty lamp stand~

It's been a good weekend.....How about yours?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never Met A White Chair I Didn't Love

I'm a little nuts over white chairs...I can't resist 'em!

This is my most recent dimunitive doll chair.  It is hand crafted and has many, many layers of old white paint.  The date '1895' is penciled in on the bottom!

These are 2 antique child's chairs that are usually in the living room at my coffee table; however, I got a little too zealous this Spring and sold my coffee table (my husband still reminds me how much he loved that table).  They have been perfect for my grandson and visiting children to sit at and snack, color and play at the table.  I NEED A NEW COFFEE TABLE!

Here's the chairs at my old table...
I know, I was a great table....

In the Dining Room.....I have four of these awesome chairs.  They are solid and sturdy!
Here's an archived pic of all four (couldn't take one today cause the table is loaded with stuff to be put away)
In the corner for additional seating..

The Bedroom Chair (I had to remove 3 purses, 2 straw hats and assorted clothing to take this pic...they are now on the bed....)

Lastly, a few white garden chairs...
"Old chairs don't die, they just go to the garden"
This will be covered soon with white cypress vine
When they totally fall apart I use the wood for other projects.   I have a neat idea for this stack....will post soon!

Well I'm off to link up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for this week's White Wednesday!  Hope yours is great!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

SNS ~ Rust In The Garden

Linking up with Donna for Saturday Nite Special featuring rust.  I've gathered some past pics of rust in the garden  to share.

I pretend that this '5' is an 'S' for Susie

Peek A Bird

Antique iron gate...touches of rust here and there!

I made this photo/note holder this week with a rusty old rake head and wired it to a rusty funnel!
Have a great Saturday nite!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bird Bowl Mosiac

This is a first for me!  I've wanted to make this 'Bird Bowl'  ever since I saw it back in 2005 in Country Home Magazine!

My Stash ~ I've saved broken pottery, pieces and parts...just waiting....

For the right time....
  I did just decide to make it in shades of white with the exception of  shards of brown transferware!

I also constructed a perch for the bird from grapevine...
This was a really fun glad I 'finally' got 'er dun!  Now I want to make more......
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It's A Summer Cloche Party

I'm joining in on the fun for the Summer Cloche Party hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life.  Here's a few I have around the house!

 Now if I could just learn how to photograph glass!

These next two are industrial light covers....but I see cloches! I like them not only because they are different, but because I love the idea of repurposing, and I think these are pretty cool!
The next two are actually for sale in my Etsy Shop!
This one is on SALE! (Only $11.00)
I like these a lot because they are thicker glass, and not fragile at all!

This cloche creates the perfect environment for this delicate little fern.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Wednesday

~Today's White Wednesday post features some of my recent creations~
One of my fav old white painted pots broke, so I made garden markers!

I made the "GROW" sign from an old scraper for my vegetable garden
I surely hope the sign helps my garden....this is my harvest the other day.  Good thing I'm not 'living off the land'!
basil, 5 small tomatoes, 3 beans and 2 okra

I've had this antique french basket for years. I decided it needed a liner, and 'hallelujah', I just so happened to have and old laundry bag that fit perfectly!  ('s for sale in my Etsy Shop....kinda pricey, but I paid a lot)

'Doctored up' pot with gutter guard and moss....tagged and ready for my shelf at the antique mall!

This is a hanger made from a vintage piece of beadboard,  water valves, a tin mold and hooks (they have crusty white paint).  The valves actually protrude out so stuff can be hung from them.

I've been collecting these small vintage thread bobbins, and I love how they look in old jars.

~Jar of bobbins and large spools of thread for sale in my Etsy Shop~

Does anyone remember this from Country Home magazine (2005)?  It was love at first sight,  and I have been wanting to make one ever since.   
So....finally, I have my ingredients and plan...just need glue and grout!
I've decided to use 'shades of white' for the project.  The bowl is one of my first bowls I ever threw in pottery class.  I never glazed it's perfect!  It will have an old zinc piece, clock face, marbles from my childhood, broken white shards from various pots and just  'touch' of brown from a broken transferware bowl.  Can't wait to get started!

Well thanks for letting me share my 'stuff' today.  Be sure to head on over to Faded Charm for all the participants of White Wednesday #56!