Friday, May 25, 2012

Living With White - Edited....

As I was looking at my previous post featuring my 'white' living room, I noticed that the pictures were dull and yellowy.  I realized the reason was that all my curtains and shutters were closed.  The windows face west, and we have to keep the blinds and shutters closed to avoid extremely hot sun.  It's hard enough to keep the house cool in our 90 degree weather.

So, this morning I opened the curtains, blinds and shutters and took more pictures.....
Much better!  
Big difference, huh?  Sometimes it takes me a while to 'get it'!

I love having all curtains open....this is a nice, bright living room!

This is an antique folk art wall basket which I have added vines, a hornet's nest and feather.

Well, I'm always learning.  Maybe I should start hinting for a fancier camera for my birthday in October....and a few photography classes?

Have a wonderful weekend!