Monday, May 31, 2010

My Little Shelf at the Antique Mall

I spent a few hours this afternoon 'tweeking' my little shelf area at the antique mall.  I am thrilled to have an avenue to sell my stuff, finds and things I create after about a 5 year hiatis (long story).  It feels so good to be creating again on a small scale.   I have my friend Shelley from Sweetpea  to thank for introducing me to 'blogging', which has definitely inspired me through the friendships, posts and lovely photos, and the wonderful stories from 'like-minded' people.  It's the perfect place to share, give and receive!

~So here's a few pics~

It's sure been different this time to stick with 'smalls'.  I always sold furniture and large items before!
Well, thanks for letting me share today!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wishing All A Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.
Lest We Forget....

Let us all take a few moments on Memorial Day to remember those who lost their lives defending our great nation, and the pray for their loved ones and our country. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Wednesday~My Latest Finds + Things I've Been Creating

I stopped by the antique mall on Monday to restock my little shelf, and here's what I brought home.  Now really, more white buttons?  I just can't resist!
These four small finials just called my name.  Then one of the dealers gave me the butter sweet of her! 

Here's what I've been 'creating' this week.  I guess we don't say 'crafting' any more..
I photocopied botanical prints, adhered to a heavy paper and cut out stencils  Each letter is made from a different print.

Signs made from shutter slats, and, unfortunately, my white bucket which just fell apart...Oh well, at least I can repurpose the slats!  Just have to add the wire hangers with some kind of embelishment..I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Here, I've just attached vintage 'insulators' to a scrap piece of wood for hangers.

More creations from the bucket slats.

This is a 'root starter' or vase.  I have one in my kitchen where I root cuttings all the time, so there's always something green growing!

"Bottom of the Barrel" ~ Clock Face

Well, I didn't make the dog...a friend of mine reproduced it from an antique.  I did make the vignette!
Isn't he cute?

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a "Scruffy Little Girl"

I'm still "Scruffy"...just a whole lot older!
I was going through a couple'a pics today.....AND.....I just figured out how to use my scanner!
Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Pins and Needles for White Wednesday

I'm taking a little 'creative license' for this White Wednesday post, as it's not really all white, but there is white in the pics!  I love pin cushions, and have quite a few around the house.  The first four were all made by a very talented artist in Nashville.

This one is my favorites with the paper heart and little strawberry for pins. 

This next one really wasn't a pin cushion, but rather a lavender sachet!  Works great and smells good too!

My Grandmother always had a 'pin dish' on the coffee table where she kept her needles and 'tatting' thread.  Here's a little different take with some of my more unique pins.
The other day my husband asked me if I had a big pin.  I asked "you need a real big pin?".  He answered "yes, a big pin".  Can you imagine that he didn't think it was funny when I handed him one of these large laundry pins?  You'd think that after 32 years, he would get my sense of humor!  Go figure.....

I had this really old and ugly blue magnetic pin holder.  I really like the magnet aspect, especially if you ever spill pins or the like.  Well,  I simply plugged in the glue gun, found some homespun fabric,  and looky here.....much better!

Now I have a question about this next pic.  Does anyone know what these are, or what they were used for?  I think they are made out of plastic, but they have an aged patina.  They are also flexible.  I think they're cool,  but wondering what they really are!?!

As always, a great big thanks to Kathleen, our very talented hostess. Put your feet up and head on over to Faded Charm for tons of links for a fun journey through more wonderful whites!

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Frugal Friday ~ Fun With Funnels

Thought I would join in today for my first "Frugal Friday" posting  I've been playing around with vintage tin funnels today......take a look!.

I saw this 'idea' in the Junk Market Magazine, but I put my own 'twist' to it.  I used a zinc bottle top as the base.  I figured out an easy way to attach them.  I put an old soda pop cap in the funnel and drilled the screw though it and secured with this wing nut thingy!

Didn't want to stop there, so I punched the word "FLOWERS:" on a scrap piece of tin and attached it to the side!

Here, I simply used the funnel as a holder for herb signs that I made from laminate samples and wire!

Well, thanks for stopping  by....I would love to hear your comments.  Be sure to check out all the other Fun Frugal Friday Participants at The Shabby Nest.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is a 'subliminal message' directing you to check out  go directly  to my Etsy Store to "BUY" some of the wonderful items I've just stocked the store with.  You will not be able to resist the temptation to BUY, but you'll be glad you did....

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Wednesday ~ Restore, Repair & Repurpose

Today's White Wednesday  post is all about restoration, repurposing and repairing.  It seems that in today's society, 'things' are taken for granted and thrown away all too easily and soon. Of course, 'going green' is also all the rage, but us junkers have been 'green' before it was 'cool'.  So, here's a few things that have been repaired, restored and/or repurposed:

I made this 'clock face' from a discarded 'bucket bottom'

~Vintage clockfaces and gauges reborn to make interesting vignettes~

~I love how someone 'married' this piece of tarnished silver to an old wood base~ 

On The Mend
~Vintage linen so carefully mended~

~There's just something about this old clay funnel which has been carefully reglued, that really gets to me~

~An old repair~

~Repurposed, broken concrete~

~Even this old concrete planter has been 'lovingly' wired to keep it together~

~So glad this old drawer was saved.  It's a new acquisition...not sure how I'll use it...but I had to have it!~
~Vintage chippy paint shutters provide privacy for my guest bathroom windows~

~I never pass up a vintage pot with old white paint~

~This vintage zinc was in pieces when I found it.  It's been 'gorilla glued' together, and I bent the bottom so it would be free-standing~

~Vintage baskets and ironstone hold utencils in the kitchen~

~I was just about to toss this old swing and the vintage iron sofa frame one day, when it just clicked....I wedged the swing into the works!~
~No seat, no worry.  My Morning Glories will be climbing all over this chair before too long~

~This is the neatest section of old scaffolding that I placed on two concrete legs to form this bench~

I love getting ready for White Wednesday and always look forward to visiting the other talented participants.  Just stop on over and visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for all Links!