Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birds and Toile

Birds and Toile.....
When I found this quilt on Ebay, I knew it was 'the one'.
It is from Pottery Barn a year or so back....I don't remember it, do you?
Soft blue background with the deeper tans and browns, the botanicals, birds and butterflies
Just perfect!

I had the hardest time trying to capture the colors in the quilt in my pics?
Here's a better shot:

I've been debating whether I should paint the bed a creamy white or not, especially after looking at the pics.  The cannon ball posts seem to stick out like a sore thumb.

What do you think?

And lastly, my wonderful Grandson...whose
'room' I've taken over.  He likes it though.

It feels good to finally have a project complete....well, I'm sure I'll still tweek a thing or two.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...I am!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Things Are A Changin' Around The House

A new cupboard
A new idea.....
Just a little peak at what I've been up to in the dining room


Tried these chairs....Nope!
(Notice, I finally painted the french doors white...much better)
And these French chairs.
I love this style....but just wasn't quite right.

So I'm sticking with the antique plank bottom chairs.

We moved my fav old shutters from the studio to the dining room...
I took a few pics late this afternoon to determine the best light for getting a good shot.  I need to experiment with lighting.

I'm real pleased with the shutters as it sets off the dining room from the living room, rather than having all 3 large windows with the same linen curtains.  I just added the panels from the dr to the lr to make them a little fuller.
 (Older pic of the living room)

Well hopefully I'll finish my tweeking of the two rooms for a post later in the week.
That's my goal anyway.

I'm  just saying.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To....

Today is my 57th birthday....trying to wrap my head around this.

I can't help but reflect on 56....what a year!  Let's see:
Ovarian Cancer
3 Extensive rounds of chemotherapy
Lost My Hair....actually it was kinda fun to be bald
Tired and fatigued
Neuropathy pain intensified by chemo
-constant burning, tingling, numbness in feet & shooting pains like a knife
-difficulty walking
Chemo Brain...yes it's a real thing!
Carpal Tunnel
Skin Cancer
Symptoms of Agoraphobia

I don't think I'm feeling sorry for myself today....just wanted to lay it all out.
I have many blessings in my life:

My Faith
A loving and helpful husband
My son and grandson
A few good friends

Yes, I am feeling a little melancholy right now as I reflect on my life.  I'm missing my parents today....they were wonderful and provided a functional home for my sister, brother and myself.

I'll be okay, God is on my side.
I'm going to seek His guidance and learn to hear His voice.
I will be still, listen and learn from the Master.

Thanks for listening....
Blessings To All

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Couple'a Chalkboard Projects

I've been admiring this picture while cruising Pinterest.
Have you seen it?
I'm pretty sure it's a Pottery Barn ad.
I've been lovin' that pan with the chalkboard paint...too cool!'s my version...

I found this 20" round pan at the thrift store for $9.00

A few coats of chalkboard paint....
Ta Da

I'm still going to keep searching for an oval pan, but I think this will do nicely in the meantime!

So, I also finished another chalkboard project which I thought of a while back.  I haven't seen this I possibly may have a new idea here!

A clipboard from the thrift store (usually under $1)

Simply tape off the 'clip part' and coat with chalkboard paint
I then tie on a piece of chalk with jute
Then I make an 'eraser' by stuffing a piece of ticking with polyfill and attach with jute also.

What ya think?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Book By James Cramer!

Oh My....

A friend stopped by this evening and brought a book he just purchased at an antique shop...

I about flipped my lid!

Our beloved James Cramer has a new book

'Tis The Season
Christmas Eve with James Cramer

You won't be disappointed!
It's a small book, but loaded with beautiful pictures and how-to's.

Welcome back Jimmie!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Sometimes I Shouldn't Listen To Myself

I have often passed by a little Thrift Shop just up the road.  I'll think to myself,
"I should check it out"....but for some reason I tell myself, "na.....there's probably nothing good, just baby stuff".
I noticed a 50% sale as I passed by this weekend, but myself said...."don't even waste your time."
This morning I was passing by and saw an old table sitting outside.  Well this time I didn't listen to myself and stopped.  Oh's an old farm table (heart is going pitter patter).
Door is locked....nobody's there....PANIC!
Walked around to flower shop on other side....she gave me a number to call, which I immediately did and left a message.
I reluctantly drove home, leaving 'my table' behind.
When I get home, my phone rang....
"Yes" the table is for sale, it's $ can pick it up and leave cash with flower lady".
I couldn't move fast enough (well, actually, I sent my son).
"Thank You Lord"....I'm a happy gal!
Now to learn when to listen to myself.....
 Old white paint.....pegged legs!
 2 Board Top!
It was also a good's a few of my 'finds'.
Old concrete sink with stand....I'm pretty sure Michael's face turned blue when he picked this one up!

Old wire newstand rack (needs a little cleanin' up)
 Wouldn't this look great with a concrete top?
So that's my 'Show and Tell' for today.....I just need to get busy!