Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where Women Create ~ My Reality ~ and my beautiful Amaryllis

I've been a busy bee the past few days, putting together some items for a Garden Show.  I didn't get around to taking pics of my 'stuff', but last night when I went into my junk room studio, I just had to laugh at myself.  I tend to jump around from thing to thing, so my table top becomes so full of stuff (cause you never know what you might need next).  I then find myself working in the tiniest of 'clean' space.  So here is my confession, that I am a slob when it comes to creating.  I don't think 'the magazine' will be calling me anytime soon!

But first, take a look at my beautiful amaryllis.  This one stalk actually has 3 blooms on it!  It is stunning!

Does anyone else work like this?


  1. I found you on Rebecca Ersfeld's blog :) It is so wonderful finding other creative, Christian, bloggers! Your blog is beautiful. It is fun to see how others create, especially when their work space looks like mine!
    Blessings in abundance,
    Rebecca Gibson (from rebeccasrainbowkisses)

  2. Did I hear Garden show? When,where and what time? hahahah....Love your blog, the amaryllis is beautiful! I am going to follow and see what goodies you have for the garden show.


  3. This is SO how I work- so many projects at once!

  4. Yep...when I work that would be how everything looks...being creative is messy...but we love it, don't we?

  5. Yeah, I'm afraid so! I can't get creative without making a little embellishment makes me think of something else, then another...

  6. Garden show? tell us more! Looks like you have many creative things going on at once. Can't wait to see what you do with the nest, eggs and bird cards. I'm really enjoying all sorts of bird stuff recently.

  7. Gorgeous flower! Beautiful pic. I don't mind you creative table! ~lulu

  8. hey girl, I was in your little cubby at Halley's today and found a fab clock dial that went home with me. how's the chair workin' for ya?


  9. lovely things Susie~ love them all! Glad you liked the porch pictures...I'm dreamin too...I would be thrilled to find a table like that on craigslist...wish me luck!:)



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