Monday, April 26, 2010

Rate My Space

Have you ever posted pics of your home on Rate My Space?  Well I posted the same pics that I had on my previous Blog post...and boy...did I get beat up about the 'slipcover thingy' on my coffee table!  Even though I stated that it was just temporary (brought in from the bedroom).....I mostly got hands down on the coffee table.


Here's the pic of it in my bedroom.  I added the skirt (just tacked on) cause I wanted all white and neutrals in the bedroom.

So, I removed the 'skirt' which exposed this antique trunk...not bad!  The top of the trunk is split into, so I still need to have a cover on it.  What do you think?


Here's my old coffee table.  I'd like to find something like this.  I really loved this table, but it really was too large for the space...don't you agree?
Then 'they' said I needed a rug.  Well I had taken the rug out for cleaning, and actually, I kinda like the floors plain in the summer time.  Here's the rug:


So...not that I decorate based on 'others opinions', especially those who just don't 'understand' this kinda look!

BUT......sometimes, I do appreciate another opinion or input....
.What do you'll think? 

Rate My Space...I can take it!



  1. Susie I promise I am really giving my honest opinion- I really like the first photo. I agree about the rug- I think it makes it so much more cool feeling and the wood floors are gorgeous. Maybe if it wasn't so much of a shag rug- shag is wonderful but looks warm and like you want to snuggle in it's layers!

    I also really like the skirt on the chest- The wood on wood is nice but just seems like it needs something to set the table off- it blends in too much with the wood floors-

    Your house is absolutely wonderful! I started out on RMS several years ago but quickly went to blogging because it was much more of a friendly environment. RMS was vicious there for awhile!

    bee blessed

  2. I love the skirt on the coffee table. I never would have thought of doing it...I think it's a great look!

  3. I love your first photo, too- and I think the bare floors are beautiful. I've heard a lot of bad things about mean comments on rate my space!

  4. I think the skirt on your coffee table is adorable! love it.


    barbara jean

  5. Hi Susi,

    I like your pictures and all your things are so beautiful,

    greetings from Irma from Holland

  6. I think "they" should learn that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. Pay no attention to the clueless...make your self happy. Personally I think your room is wonderful and I happen to like the slipcovered trunk as a coffee table. The scale is just right.

  7. susie, I thought the skirted table was cool too. Better than the trunk. What happened to the idea to cut down the table in the corner?

    Listen to your heart,


  8. I think your space is TOP RATE and if they don't agree they obviously have no taste. You do a great job and I wouldn't change a thing. Let us bloggers rate you :)

  9. I've been on RMS for several years now, it was once a much more friendly space. People seemed to care more and followed their Mother's teachings of if you can't say something nice, don't say anything! I know that many people on the site don't care much for vintage, shabby styles. That's their problem, I don't care for their ulta modern straight off the store look. Yours is unique and very pleasing, a style I'm totally in love of. Wish I could have all white cottagy style. And I do like the trunk with or without the slipcover! I did like your older table with all the little chairs around it, but do agree it might be a bit large in the space. Happy decorating in the style that pleases YOU!

  10. I love the slipcovers. I do really like the wood against the white, and during the summer I would probably not use any rug. I love the wood of the trunk and I understand not wanting the top to show, I think it would look nicer at least in the pictures if you put a smaller table runner on the trunk. But if you love it so who cares right.

  11. Hi~ I just stumbled upon your blog and I love your skirted coffee table but it's also nice without the skirt, either way.
    Your transformation is fabulous, ♥ your family room!

  12. Hello
    Don't think I would go to rate my space if it is anything like HGTV... it sounds like it...
    I love the slip cover, but I like the trunk too. and I do like the rug.
    But I would do what you like, if it makes you happy, you are the one that lives with it.
    Blessings today

  13. Decorating is such an *opinion* thing...My *opinion* is that I loved the skirted coffee was unique and helped balance...and the I loved the floors without the warm. so now you got my *opinion*...It's beautiful!

  14. Ok weighing in...

    I love the skirt too. Not so crazy about the rug, I always prefer wood floors, but if you like the softness underfoot, a rug with less fluff maybe?

    Love the large coffee table. It is not the size of the table it is a balance thing. If pieces on either side of sofa were larger, had more "heft" and taller, the table would come into balance. Instead of small decorative pieces on large table it should be a large low signature an old trug or wooden box maybe?

    Here's a trick I use with clients. Wait till it is dark outside,and turn on the lights inside. If you go outside and look in the window you will "see" the room the way others do and anything out of place or not in sync will pop out at you.

    Now, having said that, don't listen to anyone elses' story, write your own. If you look at my home photos you will be shocked by how many "rules" I break. You're on the right path, just keep tweaking it, eventually it'll be just perfect for YOU.



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