Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Winner is Carole.... Yea

Thanks everyone for your birthday well wishes.  I've had an okay day, but definitely feeling better than yesterday.  My Son didn't bring over my Grandson, so I had 7 comments and asked my Husband to pick a number between 1 and 7.  He picked...........#5.

So my friend, Carole, you made the fifth comment and are therefore the winner of my birthday present!  This was fun to do on the spur of the moment!  Just let me know what you would like from my Etsy Shop and I'll send it out next week!

Off to bed now...I'm tired,

I Have A Birthday Present From Me to You!

I''ve always enjoyed giving presents, and so on my own birthday, it's no exception.  Yep...I'm 56 today!  It's certainly not going to be a momumental day....still feeling exhausted from the chemo and not bouncing back as I had hoped.
So I dediced that I'm going to give away a $50 gift certificate for any item in my Etsy Shop.  I actually just went in and reactivated a lot of stuff.

Just leave a comment or just say "hey"and this evening when my Grandson comes over, we'll put names in a basket, and let him draw one!  Just check back tonight or tomorrow am and email me your address and we'll get 'er done!

So, Happy Birthday To Me, and Good Luck and Best Wishes To You!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

So Glad To Be Home

Just a quick update on my week.  I was able to come home from the hospital last night after my fifth day of chemotherapy.  I had NO side effects and tolerated all well...thank GOD!  I am thankful for my family and friends who have been supporting me so graciously!

It feels GREAT to be home....the best!  Now I just have to pace myself this week and try not to do too much....but there's pillows to be be made and stuff to fluff!

Blessings to all and thanks for your well wishes and works!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Live Throws You Curves....Ya Gotta Learn To Swerve

So I guess today, I'm swerving.  Well at least my head is spinning.  Two weeks ago I had a hysterectomy, where I had a 15 lb. tumor removed from my right ovary.  We met with my Doctor today, and she is definitely recommending 3 rounds of chemo as there were definitely signs of stage 1 cancer.  The chemo will be done in the hospital for 4 days every 21 days.  They will install a port to administer the three types of chemo.  Bummer!

I don't want to bring anyone down and please don't feel sorry for me.  I have faith and know that God will bring me through this's just that right now I'm kinda numb, ya know?

They say the hospital has Wi-Fi so at least I can have ny laptop with me, and maybe even finish my rug hooking project that I started years ago.....That's a good thing.