Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Wednesday~My Latest Finds + Things I've Been Creating

I stopped by the antique mall on Monday to restock my little shelf, and here's what I brought home.  Now really, more white buttons?  I just can't resist!
These four small finials just called my name.  Then one of the dealers gave me the butter sweet of her! 

Here's what I've been 'creating' this week.  I guess we don't say 'crafting' any more..
I photocopied botanical prints, adhered to a heavy paper and cut out stencils  Each letter is made from a different print.

Signs made from shutter slats, and, unfortunately, my white bucket which just fell apart...Oh well, at least I can repurpose the slats!  Just have to add the wire hangers with some kind of embelishment..I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Here, I've just attached vintage 'insulators' to a scrap piece of wood for hangers.

More creations from the bucket slats.

This is a 'root starter' or vase.  I have one in my kitchen where I root cuttings all the time, so there's always something green growing!

"Bottom of the Barrel" ~ Clock Face

Well, I didn't make the dog...a friend of mine reproduced it from an antique.  I did make the vignette!
Isn't he cute?

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  1. What great creations. There is something so appealing to me about your first photo with all the buttons and I really like your "garden" sign with the stencils. Love it all!


  2. I loved your whites, you are so clever.

    come visit

  3. Well Susie whether we call it crafting or creating, what you have done here is amazing. I love it all. I think you have used all these elements to make such wonderful things. I so love the way you used the insulators.
    Thank you so much for your sweet message to me.

  4. Great ideas!
    enjoying my stroll through here


    barbara jean


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