Monday, May 31, 2010

My Little Shelf at the Antique Mall

I spent a few hours this afternoon 'tweeking' my little shelf area at the antique mall.  I am thrilled to have an avenue to sell my stuff, finds and things I create after about a 5 year hiatis (long story).  It feels so good to be creating again on a small scale.   I have my friend Shelley from Sweetpea  to thank for introducing me to 'blogging', which has definitely inspired me through the friendships, posts and lovely photos, and the wonderful stories from 'like-minded' people.  It's the perfect place to share, give and receive!

~So here's a few pics~

It's sure been different this time to stick with 'smalls'.  I always sold furniture and large items before!
Well, thanks for letting me share today!



  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Your little shelf looks like it is packed full of great finds! It's much easier to stick with smalls, and they are what's selling these days!

    Looks great!!

  3. wow, you've got lots to look through... must go by and see what i need. thanks for the mention, love your patriotic look.



  4. Wish I could come shop!! Your red, white, and blue blog design is wonderful, love that faded, vintage look!!

  5. It was fun to browse through all your treasures! I've been thinking about a space at an antique mall, but the last time I checked the monthly fees were very high. I have so many things I need to let go of... just love my "stuff" and find it hard to part with!


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