Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Even though I've been a Mother for over 27 years, I still feel like Mother's Day is about my Mom.  This will be the second Mother's Day since she passed away, so the day will definitely be bittersweet.  She was 86 years old, so she lived a good, full life.  She was a wonderful Mother, and I am blessed! 
Here's my favorite picture of her.

In Loving Memory
I miss you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to All!


  1. What a sweet memory and photo of your mom. Hope you had an enjoyable day.

  2. That is a wonderful picture of your Mom! Looks like she had a zest for life. This is my third Mother's Day without my Mom, she was 87, I got up this morning and looked at the last photo I have of her and was flooded with memories. Hope your Mother's Day was good!

  3. Susie~ such a charming post and photo of your mother!


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