Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Wednesday ~ Restore, Repair & Repurpose

Today's White Wednesday  post is all about restoration, repurposing and repairing.  It seems that in today's society, 'things' are taken for granted and thrown away all too easily and soon. Of course, 'going green' is also all the rage, but us junkers have been 'green' before it was 'cool'.  So, here's a few things that have been repaired, restored and/or repurposed:

I made this 'clock face' from a discarded 'bucket bottom'

~Vintage clockfaces and gauges reborn to make interesting vignettes~

~I love how someone 'married' this piece of tarnished silver to an old wood base~ 

On The Mend
~Vintage linen so carefully mended~

~There's just something about this old clay funnel which has been carefully reglued, that really gets to me~

~An old repair~

~Repurposed, broken concrete~

~Even this old concrete planter has been 'lovingly' wired to keep it together~

~So glad this old drawer was saved.  It's a new acquisition...not sure how I'll use it...but I had to have it!~
~Vintage chippy paint shutters provide privacy for my guest bathroom windows~

~I never pass up a vintage pot with old white paint~

~This vintage zinc was in pieces when I found it.  It's been 'gorilla glued' together, and I bent the bottom so it would be free-standing~

~Vintage baskets and ironstone hold utencils in the kitchen~

~I was just about to toss this old swing and the vintage iron sofa frame one day, when it just clicked....I wedged the swing into the frame.......hey...it works!~
~No seat, no worry.  My Morning Glories will be climbing all over this chair before too long~

~This is the neatest section of old scaffolding that I placed on two concrete legs to form this bench~

I love getting ready for White Wednesday and always look forward to visiting the other talented participants.  Just stop on over and visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for all Links!



  1. Hi Susie,

    I really like the older clay pots, too - they have so much character when they've got some old paint or wear!


  2. There is so much appeal in all these old things! I also like having stuff that someone has mended and that keeps on keeping on! Great post.

  3. Great post Susie. I love everything you did with all this chippy, peely, broken down and falling apart "junk". You certainly do have an eye for seeing potential in everything.

    Thanks for joining in today and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  4. You got some great ideas, thanks for sharing. I loved seeing them. I am all for being green and recycling and redoing something. I just found 5 pieces of old white fence, that I made my husband go get, I am now making four good fence pieces, out of five by replacing the rottten pieces.

  5. I love this post. All your goodies are just wonderful. I like how you breathed life in the zinc piece.
    smiles, alice


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