Saturday, October 31, 2009

One of my secrets!

If you've never heard of, or used, Downy Wrinkle're in for a treat!  I love this product, and I'm always surprised when I mention it to friends that they have never heard of it!  It works great on most fabrics to remove the wrinkles.  Now it does not give the same crisp appearance as an iron would, but all you have to do is spray it on your fabric and smooth it out.  I rarely iron anymore!  I've only seen it at Target, and costs around $6.00, but well worth it.

This morning I changed the slipcover on my chair, and the linen was so wrinkled...well you can guess the rest.  See for yourself:




  1. Hello friend!
    Thanks for coming by today! I did NOT know about the Downy wrinkle release! wow~ it did a great job even on linen & that is usually so hard to iron......I am definitely going to have to pick some up!
    Happy Halloween!!!


  2. i guess this means you're giving up on the quiet grass-roots movement to make all wrinkles sexy and chic? LOL!

  3. Maybe you can get paid for your endorsement! Have heard of it, but never tried, maybe I should! Happy Halloween!

  4. Thanks for the great advise. This would come in very handy since I hate to iron. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. You just saved me a whole lotta work. Thank you!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Susie!
    Just popped in from blog-hoppin'...what a fun place you have all of your chippy whites and that grandson of yours...too cute!
    Have a great day!

  7. Susie, thank you for stopping by to congratulate me on winning Theresa's give away at Garden Antique Vintage. I was sooooooooo surprised! And thank you for the sweet comments you made about my blog. And you are one of the FEW who know that Heart's Ease was the name given to pansies or viola's (johnny jump ups). Yes, they are my favorite flower. Have a great week!

  8. well I'll be!

    I had seen it but NEVER thought to try it on anything like furniture or in my case very wrinkled curtains. I hang them still damp to try and prevent so many wrinkles but if one of the dogs happens to pass by, well the damp attracts the fur and I then have furry, damp, wrinkled curtains. Thanks for the idea!


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