Thursday, October 15, 2009

Help me...I need your advise and expertise!

Ok, so the cupboard/tv thing has been making me nuts lately!  The stepback cupboard is a great primitive country piece with old paint in green with the doors in a creamy white.  If you will, imagine the tv gone and the top doors closed...looks much better.  Anyway, this is my only option to house the tv.'s my dilema.  I want the green over it. I do not like the way it looks in the room at all!  Sooooo, should I repaint it?  I'm not really a huge fan of repainting over old paint, but as you can see, there are a few issues with the original (old) finish.  The green is kind of funky in places, and it looks like someone stripped a portion of the bottom and top doors to see 'what lies beneath'. 

I would truly appreciate your paint it white or not?  I'm pretty sure I could do a decent job using faux and distressing techniques . I don't think the 'pure white' would go well with my other white pieces.  Please be brutally honest and tell me what you think.....Think of it as kinda a 'rate my space' thing!

This chair and ottoman will be slipcovered in white!  I've had the sage green way too long (12 years)!

Thanks for your input!


  1. Hi Susie thanks for stopping by by blog, and leaving a nice comment. I love visitors. Aren't blogs so much fun? I love the white distressed farm table you have in your living room. I'm thinking your cupboard might look great the same look, white distressed. I can just pictured it painted that way. What do U think? Cheryl

  2. Oh this is a hard one since I don't really like to paint over the original paint either. If you are asking I'd probably say no, but you aren't happy with the color so maybe as Cheryl said some type of a distressed white over it where the green could still peek through.

  3. That's funny I was thinking the same thing. Leave a little of the green paint coming thru. Don't go bright white. Have a little touch of grey and it'll fit better with the rest of your pieces. I really like the color of your walls. I know when we look at the all white look of Nordic French it's hard not to be tempted.
    Have a great night!

  4. Susie,
    Here's what I saying is 'just because it's wood, doesn't mean it's good'. My Mother would cringe hearing me say that, she thought it was a sin to paint over wood. Having said that, I'd paint it white, distress and go over it with a light stain or wax to highlight the wood showing through. Then I'd think about using old wallpaper or fabric with shades of sage and cream in it for the back of the cabinet. Just some would show since your TV is in front. You have a lot of green tones in your room. Lisa

  5. I think it's a personal choice. Even though your "not supposed to" paint over old paint, if you're unhappy with it, paint it. It's your piece of furniture now, it's in your house and you have to like it and live with it. Do what makes you happy...

  6. Hi Susie!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my latest post! You guys give me so much energy (much needed btw) to keep me going on all my projects! Since you aren't happy w/ the piece and you don't think it would go "as is" in another room....I would tend to go over the whole piece w/ an antique white, then distress it & I think I would let some of the green come through, as well. Then like some others have said...go over it w/ a light stain or wax to age the new paint a bit. It is a wonderful piece!! What fabric are you going to use for your chair & sofa? If you are thinking linen...let me know-- I have some ideas on it! Take care!


  7. Yes, paint it white with some distressing and maybe an antique glaze. I think that would be a big improvement.

  8. The cabinet is a great looking piece and your room is gorgeous! I LOVE your style! TVs are such a pain to conceal and because they are black they tend to really pop out against a white or light background. When hubby wanted to put our flat screen TV over the fireplace I wasn't thrilled. I asked a friend who is also a designer if she had any suggestions. She told me the best way to downplay the TV was to put it against a darkly painted background. I wasn't thrilled with this suggestion because our room was light colored and I have a white slip covered sofa, but we gave her suggestion a try and amazingly it worked. So you might want to consider painting the inside of the cabinet or at least the part that the TV is up against a darker color. Maybe a dark sage or darker beige or even gray, whatever color appeals to you. Just something to consider.

  9. Hi Susie!
    Thanks so much for the good junkin' juju you sent me, it worked!
    Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask, because that's my favorite shade of green, I love it just the way it is. But if you do want to mix it up, I also vote for a distressed white with the green peeking through.
    Great room!

  10. Hi Susie~

    What a great peice. I try not to paint old pieces either, but sometimes if a piece needs some touch-up in areas I'll take a drawer or cabinet door into the paint store and have them match it. Then I just lightly cover the area so it doesn't look like a new paint job. I think with this piece if you paint it the same white as the rest it would work. Then I think I would take a brown glaze over the whole piece. This would make it less noticeable. Just a thought.

    Good luck.


  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I know everyone is telling you to paint it white, but I think if you did, you'd notice the tv even more. I would paint it an espresso brown color, and then distress it. It has great lines. I suppose once you paint it, and if you don't like it, you can paint it again! That's the beauty of paint. At least, paint the part that has the tv a dark color. Can't wait to see what you end up doing.

  12. Yess, I would paint it , I don't like that green colour .......but that's my taste .
    I definitely would paint it white ..................
    greetings from Gea

  13. If resale value is not super-important, paint and distress it. The rest of the room is great!

  14. Well-
    Because the name of my blog is White Spray Paint, guess what my answer is?

    Would it be possible to paint it white and glaze it (antique it) like we used to do in the old days?

    Enjoyed visiting,

  15. I would wad up some brown craft paper, (can buy a large roll at Lowes) cut the pieces to fit the green and staple or use some of that goo stuff or two sided tape to attach it to the cupboard. If you like it take the paper off and paint it! Who know you might like the paper so much you'll just use it for a while!

  16. It's been a few days, so you may have already painted. The white with green peeking through is what I'd have done. I love bits of green in a room. Maybe it's the nature connection. I love all the whites in your room. Makes me want to start paiting my stuff.

    I have lots of antique oak, some maple & pine, and two dark cherry pieces. I've avoided painting them, but I'm weary of the old style look. White would be so fresh. Your pictures have given me ideas...

    Nita Jo

  17. Okay, here goes, my brutally honest,yet humble opinion: This piece is just not right for the tv. The size and scale are off. I would look for a different piece for the tv and save this great step-back hutch in the state it is in. Great for Christmas decorations and garden things in the spring. Your other decor is great and cottag-ey. Maybe a sofa table type piece would be good. Good luck with whatever you choose. Thanks for letting us play along.


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