Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall in Florida......Not!

Even though it is 90 degrees outside, I'm trying hard to feel the fall fever.  I searched my garden and even ventured into my neighbor's to find some fall colors....


  1. Your search for fall I would say was a success! Lovely....your arrangement in the bark basket...very very clever! Sending Autumn wishes your way!

  2. I imagine that hot weather doesn't feel like fall. But you did a beautiful job putting those photos together and it looks very fall like! :)

  3. Susie,
    I love the bark basket arrangement. I just love branches and stuff that looks like you picked it out of the yard. Lisa

  4. You have a beautiful blog! So glad I stopped by for a visit. I used to live in Tampa for about 10 years. I always enjoyed decorating for fall back then as though it was cool outside. -Jackie

  5. Looks like fall to me!

    You asked about seed planting times. Do you get any frost at all? The least whiff of frost will blacken marigolds and zinnias, I would save them for spring.

    Purple coneflowers I just smush the seed head into the bed where I want it to grow whenever its ripe. Echinacea is perennial, so it goes on and on, regardless of the season, where the climate is mild.

  6. Your photos are lovely. I so enjoy the natural elements of the season. You did good looking around to see that there actually IS some "fall" hiding there! I love the seasonal changes and especially the leaves. Thanks for coming by. Have a great week!


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