Wednesday, October 7, 2009


White Wednesday featuring garden concrete. I love concrete in the garden, but I also bring pieces inside as well.  Concrete has such great texture, and the patina on the vintage concrete adds wonderful eye appeal...inside or out!

I have these two "stumps" (I can't throw anything away) just lying around...need to do something fun with them.  Any suggestions?

I have two of these vintage "faux bois" planters.

This was one of the 'legs' of a concrete bench, but the top broke into.  I had this old piece of scaffolding which I used to make another bench.  I think this has more character!

Another broken piece from a bird bath....

I found this vintage birdbath at an estate sale many years ago.

Funny thing....NOBODY knows how 'bunny' lost it's ears!  Can't imagine!!!


  1. Poor bunny! When you find out what to do with the broken pieces let me know I have it everwhere!!! here and at home. I take home all the rejects!!!lol

  2. I like concrete pieces too...I think your 'stumps' would look mighty nice with some delish white pumpkins on top :o)
    I posted my first white wednesday post today, would love for you to pop by sometime.

  3. All are lovely!! How high are the "stumps"? Could you top it with a piece of plywood (cut circular) to be a cute little side table for an outside (or inside) chair - you know, paint it and distress it to look "shabby." Just an idea...

    :) T

  4. I love concrete statuary also. I have a couple broken pieces that I have put risers on so you can sit a pot or urn on top of it. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Susie! Love your pics! I have the S A M E concrete bench legs! But no bench! I picked them up off craigslist (of course) for $5 each...Your pics have reminded me to drag them out of the garage & do something with them!! Thanks so much for the info on the paperwhites! I had no idea they grew that fast & you are sooo right about my girls watching them grow! They will be fascinated! I'm ordering!! Have a wonderful day!


  6. Hi Susie,
    Just came across your blog and had to stop and say Hi. I like the concrete pieces in your garden. And I think that those broken pillars would make excellent plant stands. What do you think? Anyway it was nice meeting you. Have a wonderful evening.

    Blessings and Smiles,

  7. Susie,
    I love the concrete, you have a wonderful collection. I'm always on the hunt for bottoms of bird baths to use them as pedestals or table bottoms, it's getting harder to find the old stuff. Great post! Lisa

  8. Hi Susie!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I loved your comment...that is one of my favorite scriptures, too. I just love all your pictures. I am such a fan of chippy, white, worn furniture. So glad you came by because it led me to your great blog. :)


    P. S. Your grandson is so cute!

  9. How in the world did I miss this wonderful WW post. I went down the list and thought I visited with everyone. I am so crazy over concrete in the garden. These are awesome pieces! I've had a few pieces crumble, so I had to start bringing them in for Winter.
    I think the two stumps are great just the way they are...but I'm weird like that.


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