Saturday, January 9, 2010

Out With The Old ~ In With The New

Well, finally, the  green is gone!  I have been wanting a new sofa for quite a while, and recently, found a matching sofa and loveseat on Craigslist.  They are from Ikea...I got them both for $250.00. I sold my old sofa on Craigslist for $100.00.

Of course, they have a black slipcovers currently, but I will soon be purchasing new white slips from Ikea....can you believe the white slips are only $49.95 each?

I wasn't really looking for a love seat, but it just replaced this:
(The chairs are now at my dining table)

I also sold this green cupboard and replaced it with the white one! hanging cupboard ~
(Still tweeking the innerds)

Now, I just need to make a slipcover for my cozy chair and ottoman...

I think I might cover it with an old matlasee cover in white...what do ya think?

Well....I'm happy and still ahead $115.00!  Isn't it fun to change things around.....?

Have a great weekend!


  1. S, It looks just beautiful. You know how to make things always look just great. Happy Saturday, T

  2. Looks gorgeous.....I have all the Ikea couches, loveseats and chairs with the white slipcovers and have never been happier. I even in the past had custom furniture from Ethan Allen (very pricey), and I am happier wtih the Ikea. You see it is sooooooo easy to throw the white covers in the laundry with some bleach!!! You'll love them!
    Love all the changes. Your home is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You have all kinds of wonderful things! All that chippy goodness in one room! I think the white slips will look beautiful!

    We don't have an IKEA I have never been there! Can you believe that? We need to make the 2 hour trip one of these days!!


  4. Presto change-o! Looks great. I vote yes for the matlesee slip. Would be gorgeous :) I need to visit ole Craig today too....looking for a dining table.

  5. Congrats on your new sofa, it's going to be so perfect in your space with white slipcovers! Enjoy them.

  6. Hunny, I just love your blog! This has been a most enjoyable visit. You are most welcome to come over to my blog next time for a spot of hot chocolate!
    Stacy Mayer

  7. Susie,
    I am looking at your banner & see what I think are old botanicals!! You need to show them, they look way cool. Lisa
    PS Thanks for showing your banner to Shelley.


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