Monday, October 3, 2011

Sometimes I Shouldn't Listen To Myself

I have often passed by a little Thrift Shop just up the road.  I'll think to myself,
"I should check it out"....but for some reason I tell myself, "na.....there's probably nothing good, just baby stuff".
I noticed a 50% sale as I passed by this weekend, but myself said...."don't even waste your time."
This morning I was passing by and saw an old table sitting outside.  Well this time I didn't listen to myself and stopped.  Oh's an old farm table (heart is going pitter patter).
Door is locked....nobody's there....PANIC!
Walked around to flower shop on other side....she gave me a number to call, which I immediately did and left a message.
I reluctantly drove home, leaving 'my table' behind.
When I get home, my phone rang....
"Yes" the table is for sale, it's $ can pick it up and leave cash with flower lady".
I couldn't move fast enough (well, actually, I sent my son).
"Thank You Lord"....I'm a happy gal!
Now to learn when to listen to myself.....
 Old white paint.....pegged legs!
 2 Board Top!
It was also a good's a few of my 'finds'.
Old concrete sink with stand....I'm pretty sure Michael's face turned blue when he picked this one up!

Old wire newstand rack (needs a little cleanin' up)
 Wouldn't this look great with a concrete top?
So that's my 'Show and Tell' for today.....I just need to get busy!


  1. YOWZA- FABULOUS finds! Loving it all <3

  2. My goodness! How is that I don't ever wonder upon those kinds of finds... I know, I listen to myself. Na, they probably don't have anything... I guess I have to stop to actually find the finds! :) great stuff!!!

  3. OMG...what a great find! It was your lucky day!
    I like the cement sink, too.

  4. You lucky duck! Where are you putting the table?


  5. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! Yes, I'm yelling! I'm so excited for you! Wow! What a steal, I mean deal. :)
    Beautiful table!!!

  6. I'm yelling like Lisa above me!! OMGooness Susie! This was a good weekend for the Central Florida area I think. That farm table is to die for!!!! You lucky duck!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying our beautiful weather!

  7. Susie- What great finds. Are you sure that is a concrete sink? We had one like that in the basement of one of our houses and it was soapstone! You did good, girl! xo Diana

  8. You did great, and I so understand that panic feeling myself. Glad it work out so well in the end.

  9. Oh my that table is gorgeous!!! All your finds are gorgeous and that news rack is so cool!!!
    Woo hoo!!!!

  10. What a totally fantabulous table!!! There's just something about wide boards that makes my heart go pitter patter.

  11. OMG! I'm having "table envy" and cannot believe you got that for $25! Wonderful! The big old sink is awesome too! I need to get out of the house more and see what I can find. Lol!


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