Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White Wednesday ~ Changes Are A Comin'

I've really been wanting to simplify my life, including my decor.  I think I get kinda' obsessive when I start collecting something.  Like string.......I have too much, and it's here, there and everywhere.  So, I filled up an antique metal pan and the rest will be sold.

I also started changing around a corner of the living room yesterday....  but today it was all wrong!
Here's Plan A:

Here's the (unfinished) Plan B:
I hope to finish tomorrow.
Stay tuned for the final 'tweeking' (I hope!)

If you love 'White', head on over to visit Kathleen at
Faded Charm
for lots of wonderful whites.



  1. I love mixing up and changing stuff too. I KNOW I've got too much "stuff" but some of it I just can't part with! Great photos.

    Take care, Sue

  2. Susie- I am the same way when I start collecting something..all of a sudden it is not a collection..it is an obsession. Your room corner is looking very sweet. Hope you can get it to look exactly how you want it to tomorrow. Looks pretty great to me right now! Hugs- Diana

  3. Just a question for you...might you consider taking word verification off? Blogger does a good job of screening out spam and it is extra steps for people to post responses. If you want to take it off and don't know how let me know and I will give you the link to removing it. Just a thought- Diana

  4. There must be something in the air ~ I'm going through the SAME thing! I've been decluttering and separating my excess things into rubbermaids AND redecorating my entire house (or moving things around all over the place!) I'm headed downstairs to finish up for the night! Don't shoot me..but I really liked the Plan A LOL!

  5. ...Delightful corner of your world!...Love the string in the beautiful bowl...Great Job!

  6. all simply wonderful!!!

    barbara jean

  7. I think it's all of the blog inpiration that gets us in the mood to change up our decor! I've been doing the same! It's fun and refreshing. I like your plan B...it has a nice sense of balance!
    Happy White Wednesday!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,
    Amanda - One Girl in Pink

  8. That's beautiful!!! I love white!
    And I love your site!

  9. I just today found you (and am now a follower) via Faded Charm. I'm thoroughly enjoying what I'm seeing... LOVE your taste!


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