Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Craigslist Find

I have always wanted a cupola.
I found one.
On Craigslist!
I love Craigslist.......

It's still in my van cause it's way too heavy for me!
It's 41" high.

The roof is copper with wonderfully aged patina!
Not sure how I'm going to use it....most likely I'll put it on a pole like a birdhouse.

Just 'cause it's so pretty, I wanted to share my camellia bush which is just loaded with blooms.

Aren't they pretty?

I've had a good day so far.

I had a catscan this morning......anxiously waiting any news about the cancer.
I'm sure it's all gone.
Things are good!



  1. Fantastic find!! :-)

    Best of luck with your catscan results!

  2. Ok Susie, I am convinced that Craigs List is best in your area. I don't think we have a good one in my area even though I've seen some pretty good finds from ones in San Antonio. It's just gorgeous and I know it will look great in your garden.

  3. what a fabulous CL find Susie! Yay you!!

  4. Love your cupola Susie! Totally awesome find!
    ...and your camellias are gorgeous!
    Keeping you in my prayers for all good news!

  5. Susie- I love the cupola~ WOW...what a find! I am saying a prayer that you are, and will remain, cancer free. I know how scary it is to wait for those results. Hugs- Diana

  6. Wow what a great find. I'm heading over to my CL right now. Thank you for stopping by my blog, hope to be back writing on it soon.
    ~G~ hugs

  7. What a great find on Craig's List. It's huge!! And I love your blooms...we don't have anything blooming at the moment here in the Midwest! It's nice to see it!


  8. WOW!! What a beautiful find...can't beat CL!
    Thinking good thoughts for you, and prayers! Best, Vicki

  9. I'm so glad to hear that you seem to be feeling much better, more yourself! You have got to have the best craiglistings! There is nothing like the finds you have been getting around here. Fantastic find!

  10. Fantastic find! You have some of the coolest stuff! Wishing you well!

  11. i have no idea how you do it... i never find anything on cl! you are like a magnet for the good stuff. friends share secrets right?

    praying you get a good report,


  12. You are the craiglist goddess! I've given up ....around here it should be called " why is this not at the dump?" haha yeah it's that bad.

    I can see that cupola just about anywhere and can't wait to see where you settle on.
    That camellia is incredible and though you can't have Echinacea we can't have those.....what to trade?

    I'm sure your results will be have a positive attitude!

  13. Really great find! I have always wanted one too...I'm not sure why!

    Hope you are doing fine!

    xo kelley

  14. Score! Any news yet? Prayers for your heart...

  15. Oh wow...beauiful cupola...cant wait to see what you do with it.


  16. That's an awesome find, Susie! Certainly, old cupola designs are timeless. Yes, the patina adds to that vintage flare. It would be so nice to see this as a bird house. Ahh, those Camellias are, indeed, gorgeous!


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