Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Wednesday Where I Work

This Saturday,  the 19th, the infamous  Blog Party  "Where Bloggers Create" will can be found here, hosted by Karen Valentine..  I'm sure I'll be spending hours looking over wonderful studios and creative spaces!  I thought about participating (for about 2 seconds), but thought it would be too overwhelming to make my studio 'perfect' for showing.  I've been creating lots of stuff the last couple of weeks, and, I have to admit, I can be a bit disorganized at times.    So today I was looking around my messy work space, and I noticed a couple of things....even in the madness, I still have a little box, tin, tray, or small area set up with  a little pleasing vignette .  Sometimes, it's just things I'm using, or other times, I will place small items here and there,  waiting to be inspired.   Here's a few pics:

This is the cutest little zinc box holding tags, string, feathers, tallow, etc. all nice and neat in the midst of chaos.

All of my pens, scissors and tools are in vintage pots...all with old white paint, of course!

What to do with the old hardware pieces?.....they look like a C and an 8.  Also trying to come up with a  new and clever way to use the old water valves.  "S" for Susie!

Here's a few other shots that I took of  stuff that  I added to My Etsy Shop today...plug, plug....!

I have a couple of 'different' cloches which are actually vintage light covers.  They're pretty cool and unique! I love the dome shape, and the glass is much heavier than regular cloches...they're made to last a long time!

An old, original stringholder jar.

An old white crusty piece of zinc made into a sign (sold today)!

Just a random shot..

I'm linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for the 52nd White Wednesday. 


  1. Oh! I NEED that bird plate! I love all your impromptu vignettes--I'm with you--no time to doll things up--I just took selective pictures! haha! I love WW and enjoyed your post! Jacqueline

  2. Hi Susie,
    All of your little goodies are so charming! Wow if you could only see my "work" area....let's just say it's the last room on the list right now!

    Love the little zinc box, all your vintage hardware, your jars....all of it!


  3. O Susie! Sweet Stuff! Sensational stopping by for a visit:)

  4. Nice! ...and nice to know someone else's work space is not ready for other eyes!! Love all your rusty crusty hardware! Have fun! :)

  5. Susie what a wonderful bunch of treasures you keep around yourself. I can think of a great idea for the faucet house!!! You have such a way of gathering beauty around you. I love what I see of your creative space.
    hugs to you from here

  6. uh Susie? I think you already have your post for WBC party. It's not about perfection I don't think, it's about where we work and our passions and you clearly show your artistic taste and I already have an idea of what the whole space would be like. Add a few more vignette shots and you're done!

    I have been fretting a bit about my studio for the party too, but just like a real party, the fun is in the camaraderie, (well and the alcohol) not so much all the window dressing. I'm much happier at a party with friends who accept me as I am, and your few select shots of your studio would absolutely blend in my studio too! Kindred spirits.

    The water valves would be great used as a backdrop for another type of hanger, hook or nail, and I absolutely covet that zinc box. You'll see why if you stop by my studio Saturday night.I confess to being a zincaphobe.

    Have a wonderful week.


  7. Gorgeous space.....absolutely beautiful displays!

  8. Organization has never looked better. I participated last year and really wanted to show my studio, but haven't been home to do anything with it, so we'll see if I have time.

    Love all your goodies. Thanks for sharing and take care.


  9. Love your vignettes!! You have quite a collection of vintage "stuff". Love it all!!

  10. Oh sooooo many toys!!! I would love to play with those!!!

  11. Hi Susie,

    What a fun studio you have - I'm sure you spent many happy hours there many beautiful things.


  12. Love all your white and rust!!

  13. Hey Susie, I think you'd have a great WBC post. Love all your flower pot "holders". love your style and displays. That's what's so great about this. everyone has a different take and style in their workspace. Loved seeing yours!

  14. You should enter you have some really sweet spots... Lezlee

  15. I'm with everyone else... I want to see more! You have given us a bit of a teaser, your photos are gorgeous! The brooms under glass and all of the rusty industrial stuff would keep me creating for hours. Love this post, Theresa

  16. Great whites, I love how you display them. That string jar reminds me of my grandmother.

  17. Susie,
    I love it all soooo much! Your stuff just makes me want to jump into my computer screen. I am so heading to Etsy. You know I'm fan of your one of a kind goodies. Still hoarding the remaining ivory tiles I bought awhile back. I love them so much. I did a post awhile back about my laundry room & I had some of those little whisk brooms hanging on the wall. Love em! I know what you mean about the pressure of this party, having your study clean & tidy. Well, I can tell you mine NEVER is. I just moved the clutter from one side to another to photograph it all. Totally staged! There you have it, I'm a fraud! Lisa

  18. Just from the photos you've shown, it seems you have a most wonderful space for creating and how fortunate you are. Not many folks have everything perfect all the time. Besides what some consider mess is creative genius to others. Its all a matter of perspective. :) Just your vignettes are inspiration enough. Love those jars for string. I've never seen those before. And your cigar box makeover in a previous post was really great. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  19. Hi Susie
    Just loved it all, I know it is a lot of work trying to make it all look civilized but I think most people that create understand. Wish I could see more! But thanks for showing us some of the goodies. My shop studio is a disaster right now and I decided to be real and show it...ha what got into me I will never know :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  20. Hey girl. You should have joined in. I've seen your studio and it's cute as a bugs ear. Thanks for visiting mine and commenting. Let's get together soon.



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