Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White Wednesday ~ New Whites in the Living Room

A few new 'finds' for the living room.  The 'T" is from a shop that sold seashells. The paint has sand in it for texture.  I've had this for many years, but just put it on this wall the other day.  I just made the pillow on the chair last week from a vintage grain sack.  The 'footstool' is a great old white chippy wood box that I saw on Beths post at Old Thyme Marketplace (she was showing some of her new finds).  I emailed her right away...and now it's mine!  She's got great sure to check out her blog!  This is a temporary 'fix' until I find the right footstool to recover.

I also made pillows for the sofa.  The darker pillow was made from an antique piece of rug-hooking.  Love the bird theme.  I finally finished the pillow from an antique grain sack (I even added cording to the first time!).

The tray on the very temporary coffee table was a recent find.  It's tin with original white chippy paint. I played around with a few 'vignettes', but what I really need to do is to get out my shells.  They will look great on the tray!

I was 'pillow happy' last week..  The center one is a 'box pillow' from a down cushion I had.  It's great to prop up on the arm for lounging!
A closer look at the pillows. Sometimes, I do good!

A new 'collection' of vintage light bulbs in a wire basket with white chippy paint. 

A few new things here too!
Check out this wonderful dimunitive antique chair!  It's hand crafted with many layers of wonderful white paint and dated 1895 on the bottom.  Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it's a treasure for sure!

I made the 1 2 3 bottles yesterday.  My inspiration was the old bottles at fairs and carnivals used for the ring toss and where you knock down the stacked bottles with a ball!  I had some vintage curtain rings with old white paint which I've added!  The bottles are covered in canvas, painted white and then stencilled. Oh, just to let you know......they are 4 sale in my Etsy shop....plug....plug!

Lastly is this awesome frame.  Old, original layers of creamy white paint, chippy....and on favorite things.  I love it so good, I'll probably keep it on the wall until I find the perfect picture!

Thanks for letting me share my new stuff.  Be sure to check out all the White Wednesday posts at Faded Charm,  Thanks again Kathleen for being a marvelous hostess!



  1. I always love seeing pics of your home, it's just so pretty! You're a great seamstress too. Hope you have an awesome Wednesday, T

  2. it all looks so good
    totally love your number bottles!
    but really your style is amazing
    thanks for sharing

  3. Sounds like you are having so much fun!

    Isn't it thrilling when you finally get the Cording Fear put away for good? I can remember the very first pillow I successfully corded. ( there had been prior mishaps) You did it first try! WHoo Hoo!


  4. Your living room is beautiful! Love all your whites, especially that chippy wooden box in front of your chair!! You did a wonderful job on the pillows, too!
    Happy WW!
    ~ Jo :)

  5. such lovely shades of white everywhere. i can't pick a "favorite." I'm loving it ALL! :)

  6. You never disapoint me with your photos, Susie. Your living room looks wonderful. Can I ask what the paint color on your walls is? I love how all your white pops out with that color behind. I have lots of white in my dining room and want a darker color on the walls. Also great job on all the pillows.

    Take care,


  7. OH~MY~GOODNESS!! I LOVE the box!! It looks so great as a footstool! Super idea! Everything looks amazing!
    Can I come over? LOL!

  8. I love all your whites. I'm a sucker for "chippy" white things. I want to have some ugly brown kitchen cabinets painted to look "chippy white". Hope I can find somebody to do that.

  9. Your living room looks gorgeous, so welcoming and cozy:)

  10. lookin' good my friend. the pillows came out great.



  11. How fun! I have thought of papermache on bottles-then painting white, but the canvas sounds easier. Great finds with stories for each one...that's what makes a house a home!


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