Monday, November 7, 2011

The Great Recliner Hunt

 My latest obsession:

Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Recliner


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  1. Awesome deal! It looks just like the pb one too--

  2. Holy cow Susie!!
    You scored big time!! Yay!!!!!! :):):)
    Great job ~ love it!

  3. Super Cute! You found a great deal! Way better then the Pottery Barn chair!

  4. When I left your house the first time and stopped at Calico, Tom and I debated on a brown leather chair there. Must be in our blood...I haven't ever really been a leather kind of girl, but the thought of it with my creamy colored slipcover made it sound warm...and Tom loved it. Unfortunately, we decided it would probably be too big for the space. the brown and white colors you are using for the it. What did you decide to do with the old poster bed? Coming to The Fancy Flea on Saturday??? downtown Lakeland, on Kentucky AVe, from 9 - 4.

  5. OMGOsh- Can you believe it? WHAT a find! xo Diana

  6. *Jealous*.... I have been scouring CL for months looking for this chair (at a price I can afford)! 75 bucks? Are you kidding me? I need to go shopping with you....


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