Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where Bloggers Create.....My Reality

I really wanted to participate this year. I wanted my studio to look perfect.  I signed up......but forgot.   I'm not organized.  I'm a mess.  Oh well...............there's always next year.  In the meantime, this is my reality:

It'll get better.......I just know it will!



  1. I hear you!!! mine is only clean for a minute and then......messy!!!!!!

  2. Hi Susie,
    I know that all the participants make their's look perfect, snap a few photos, and then get back to creating and you can't create and clean at the same least I can't!! What a blessing to have such a nice sized space! It is all yours and it is beautiful because of that alone!!
    Hugs gal!
    I'll be in touch soon about my pick-up! I have been having some health issues, but should be ok for this next week! Thanks for your patience!

  3. Hey you at least have gotten started on your space and I can tell it will be great when you are all done!! I wanted to join the party this year but just didn't even get started!

  4. It's a great START my friend. It took me years to get my space the way I wanted and needed it to be.

    I'm the odd duck I guess... I can't create when things are torn up. One day messy and I'm a gonner. So...I pick it up every day. Weird I know.


  5. Hi Susie,

    So nice to meet you. And'll get better. {tee hee} We all have times when it all just makes our head spin. I'm glad you posted anyway because I can see all the beauty within your shabby will be dynamite when you get it aren't you motivated? LOL Just know many of us have been there, done that. I'd love to have you visit with me when you have a moment!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥
    Queen of Dreamsz

  6. Love the little peek in your studio - it looks very creative. I love to see work in progress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm not gonna say everyone's space looked like this the day before they posted...but I will say mine did! Keeping it real girl!

  8. AH! I love your reality~ It is perfect! I think it is fun to see how everyone creates...some of us are neat and some of us welll...some of us are messy- I fall into the latter category myself!

  9. Oh sweets that is not as bad as you think. You should see my room. Everytime I start to clean it I find myself starting a new much more fun then putting things away.
    I love what you have as storage pieces and that's a good start. Hey you can always show us later when you get it just as you want.


  10. Love it! I did the same thing...signed up forgetting that I'd be out of town for the 2 weeks prior to the 15th! I actually just got home last night! Maybe I'll just take a snapshot of MY reality and add it to my blog as you did! It's kind of fun (like a search and find/scavenger hunt) to look at an unfinished project! Thanks for sharing and for being honest!!! ~Destiny

  11. Reality is good.

    Enjoy the party :D

  12. Are you kidding all that great chippy white furniture. Love it all. Newbie here will focus on next year.

  13. Susie, I love your workspace, all that white chippy furniture and eye candy that goes with it! Creations wating to happen...


  14. Having seen your studio in person...I have to say that it is light and airy and full of personality and awesome stuff! I would be proud and constantly inspired to call that creative space my own!

  15. Mine is a mess too, and I knew I would not get it cleaned up so I did not sign up.

    Thanks for showing us like it is!!
    sweet blessings
    barbara jean

  16. Don't think of it as a mess, I see creative clutter! LOL Forget perfect, just be real!
    I love it!


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