Friday, January 28, 2011

~Your Advise Please~

I need some decorating advise from my fellow bloggers!  I'm usually confident with my decorating decisions, but at this point, I'm confused.  Maybe it's because I have had to sit here in my cozy chair for the last 4+ months recooperating, and have seen this scenerio way too much.

Okay, so I found this cupboard on Craigslist last summer.  It's not too often that you find a cupboard which will house the big old tv's we have these days.

We haven't set it up for the tv yet (it's on another wall and it will take moving other furniture, and up until now, I haven't been able to 'inspire' the hubs to do it.)  This is how it looks.

I asked my dear friend Shelley from Sweet Pea Home (sorry, the link option is not cooperating) what I should do with it in case I don't get it moved right away, and see suggested that I put fabric in the doors....I never thought of that!  So this should be easy right?  Not.....

So here's my first question:
Should I put burlap or linen in the doors?

I'm using it currently more for storage than display.
Use your imagination....they are just tacked in for now.

Question #2
When we do move the cupboard and put the tv in it, should I keep the doors on?  Yes, it would hide the tv, but the open doors would also take up valuable wall space which is limited in the living room.

Here's the wall we will put it on, and the hanging shelf and bench will go on to the wall where the cupboard is now.  Are you confused yet?
The full tv wall
Both walls:
I guess I just want to simplify and minimize some of my 'stuff'.  I think this arrangement will open up the living room a bit.

So, what do you think I should I do?

Maybe Shelley should come over.....Shelley are you there?
I'll fix lunch!!



  1. What a beautiful cupboard! I like the idea of fabric to cover the glass doors. I love to use painters drop cloths, they are cheap and the extra fabric could be used to make pillows. You can also transfer images on to it easily. Could you keep the doors if you replace the hinges with ones that would allow the doors to swing open and rest on the sides of the cabinet? Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Hi Susie!
    First of are one lucky duck finding such a super cupboard! Good for you!
    Here's my take:
    Normally I would say leave the doors on. THis allows you to close um up for a nice, cleaner looking line. I think old feedsacks would look great in the doors or a ticking stripe~ something that would add subtle texture and a pattern. While the burlap looks nice, it's very close to your wall color and blends in.
    This will obviously be THE FOCAL point on that wall because if it's size so don't worry too much about how much room it will consume or if you need to add more accessories....sometimes less is more when working with a large piece of furniture. A few small accent pieces should do the trick to help pull the look together.
    I am sure whatever you decide will look wonderful! Remember to share pictures!

  3. Hi Susie,

    Ok, here's my idea... I would use painters drop cloth and chicken wire. From the outside you will see the chicken wire lined with the fabric, hiding what's inside...
    That's what I'd do. Have a great weekend!


  4. Wow I agree what a lucky find on Craigs list .. Very Very Cool ...

    I love everyones Ideas so far ...

    Is there Glass in the doors ...??? If so using the spray on Frost from the hardware store gives a beautiful softness to the doors and simplicity that doesn't compete with other decor in the room..

    However if it's empty ..You could buy a piece of the New Waynes Cotting ..( don't know if I spelled any of that right) at the store and cut pieces to fit the doors .

    I love the chicken wire and drop cloth idea that Susie had to ... The White Burlap would be Beautiful I just finished up a white farmhouse cupboard today with Burlap curtains in the white and it's scrumptios ...I'll be posting it on White Wednesday this coming week ..

    Well thats my two cents ...LOL

    Stop by and visit our Free Giveaway our Right hand side bar ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  5. I think all the above suggestions are great ideas and could see any of those working. I would add if you decide to take the doors off I would put trim around the opening to give a nice finished look. How cute would it be to use the drop cloths and stencil on numbers like 1 & 2, then put different hinges so they can go all the way back and I would line the inside with bead board. Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. I LOVE the burlap, it shows off the old white paint on the cupboard really well. If it were mine, I would leave the burlap on to hide the tv. And what a great find from Craig's list!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Susie- What a find! What a dilemna! I know..I know... I like all the ideas really. I think it is going to come down to how "rustic" or "refined" you want it. I love the chickenwire with drop cloth idea...that says rustic to does the burlap. If you want more could insert beadboard in the open areas of the door..that is a more modified "country" look. I also thought that was a great idea with the 1 & 2 painted on the doors. I would probably leave the doors on and there are hinges (like the gals said) that allow the doors to open back on themselves so they would lay flat against the sides of the cabinet.

    Whatever you do-it will be beautiful. Wish I lived closer~I'd pop over and help you move stuff around. If I waited for my hubby to help me move things around I would be in an old age home! Hugs-Diana

  8. hey susie! i'm here and available for lunch! what i was picturing was burlap but in a pleated application. ya know? just gather it a bit then staple and leave the doors shut. you can always pull it off if you decide to move it to the other wall and add the tv.



  9. Hi susie,

    First of all I want to say that it is so nice to see you blogging again. For me it's a sign that you are feeling better and that's wonderful news.

    I have a suggestion for your cupboard. Like shelley said, putting fabric in the doors. I did this with a screen that had openings. You make a hem at the top and bottom(like you would for curtains for the rod to go through). Then you put some thick cording or even jute through it by using a safety pin to pull it through. Next you put two tacks or small nails on either side of the opening and wind your remaining cord around them and knot it. Make sure your fabric is wider(at least 2-3x's)than the opening so it has a flowy look to it. I used muslin because it's what I had, but burlap or even dropcloth fabric would look great.

    I had a shelf for sale up at my booth that I just got the idea to bring home and put the TV in our bedroom inside and I was going to do the fabric, but of coarse it sold the next day.

    Hope this makes semse because I think it would look great in your room and it's pretty easy to do. If you do decide to try it I probably have a couple pics of my screen to give you an idea. Good luck!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  10. Love the cupboard! I think the burlap looks great because it shows up a lot better than the linen. Your living room is lovely and whatever you decide I'm sure it will look wonderful!

  11. I defer to all these talented ladies on what would look best and only am here to attest to the beauty of Susie's room and these wonderful old pieces.
    Between you and Shelley...I am sure the cupboard will end up looking fabulous! :)

  12. Oh my goodness, how I love a beautiful cupboard such as your find. If you do decide to use the cupboard for the t.v., the doors might look cool taken off. Then you could hang them on the wall on either side of the cabinet. This way it frames the cupboard and also becomes the artwork for that wall. Hope that sounds clear, I'm not very good at typing out my thoughts.

    No matter what, it will look wonderful because it's such a great piece to work with. I'm new here and want you to know I love your blog.

  13. Susie,
    Hey girl, I would put for your TV cabinet, cover the doors with chicken wire and then place a thin semi clear fabric over it. OR, you could get a large plastic sheet and go to LOWES or HOMEDEPOT and get frosted sheets of decorated paper. Be careful it’s sticky when you get the back of it wet. It's big in FL; my brother used it in his bathroom window because I got nervous of people seeing me in his bathroom. I did it for my front door because of my neighbors. Also, you might want to try to change the TV wall to the other wall layout, you know switch them. It might give you more room to move around a bit.

  14. I like them both BUT something is screaming chicken wire for that fabulous piece. If you ever get rid of it call me :) LOL

  15. I would gather the fabric as Kathleen suggested but leave the doors on.

    The only time they'll be open is if the tv is on and while viewing, no one cares what else is blocked from view.

    OR remove entirely and just do a gathered curtain in front that is pulled open while viewing. I did this in master because when doors were open for tv you had to close one to leave the room! lol


  16. I really like the burlap which constrasts with the white cabinet. You could leave the doors on in case you want to hide the TV. Just some thoughts. That is a cool cabinet!!

  17. Ooooooh!!!
    So loving this farmhouse piece, I am thinking less about decorating with fabrics and more and more about natural elements. I am so loving Aviary wire small and inspiring to a piece like this.

    I have a wall cage with wire featured on my post and it may inspire you come visit :)

    Have an inspiring time with it and the life of the room.

  18. Susie, I love the linen look, but I also took a look at the Aviary wire on Dore's blog! Something like that would be beautiful.

    Also, one of the ladies suggested using the doors on the wall if you do remove them. They would convert to wonderful bulletin boards to display photos or small items.

    What a great find it is! I am excited to see what you end up doing with it. Whatever you decide, just have fun! Hope you're feeling much better!

    Nita Jo

  19. I'm loving the burlap! You could always double it up and stamp the inside side so when the doors are open it would be like art on the wall!


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