Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Live Throws You Curves....Ya Gotta Learn To Swerve

So I guess today, I'm swerving.  Well at least my head is spinning.  Two weeks ago I had a hysterectomy, where I had a 15 lb. tumor removed from my right ovary.  We met with my Doctor today, and she is definitely recommending 3 rounds of chemo as there were definitely signs of stage 1 cancer.  The chemo will be done in the hospital for 4 days every 21 days.  They will install a port to administer the three types of chemo.  Bummer!

I don't want to bring anyone down and please don't feel sorry for me.  I have faith and know that God will bring me through this's just that right now I'm kinda numb, ya know?

They say the hospital has Wi-Fi so at least I can have ny laptop with me, and maybe even finish my rug hooking project that I started years ago.....That's a good thing.



  1. Well I am still praying for you and just have a feeling you will be fine. I am glad they found it in stage 1.If you will be there with wi-fi and you are going to finish your hooking then you have the right attitude and that is very important. Keep us posted. I would love to see what you are hooking. I'll bet it is beautiful.
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  2. In times like these when it is so very clear that WE are not in control, aren't you thankful for that sweet peace that comes knowing you are in HIS loving hands.
    I'll be praying for you.

  3. Wishing you strength to get through the chemo. Will be thinking about you. It is good the hospital has WI-FI as that will help you pass the time.

  4. Susie-Thank God they discovered it when they did. Chemo is not pleasant but with Stage 1 it is sooo treatable. I have a feeling that God is watching over you and your family and you will just breeze through this. One of the things they don't tell you is how tired you will lots of rest and don't feel depressed when you are not up and running like your usual energetic self. Rest, rest, rest. Hugs to you-Diana

  5. Dear Susie...just know that those of us who follow your blog and your Etsy shop are sending hugs and prayers your way...

  6. First time to visit here. So sorry to hear about what you're going through. You will be fine, but you know what's ahead and it's not easy. You have a sweet spirit.
    I went through several of your posts a love the pumpkin stems under glass. So cute.
    Best to you and what's ahead.

  7. Oh Susie, I just know that everything will be fine you have a positive attitude and that is the most important.
    You know you can email me anytime if you're feeling blue.
    Sending you a big HUG!

  8. Wishing you peace and strength through this tough time. Know that you have many friends who support you in this lovely neighborhood of blogging! Keep us posted on your progress...prayerfully, Julie

  9. Oh my goodness!

    With your kind and strong spirit and positive attitude I am sure you will meet this challenge. I am just so sorry you have to go through this.

    The wonderful side of blogdom is now even more of us will add you to our prayers.

    One step at a time, one day at a time will get you to your one year anniversary just like my 2 friends here in Vegas..survivors of breast and colon cancer.

    Their advice to you would be to rest often. I heard it time and time again from both of them. So take loving care of yourself.

    Blessings to you


  10. praying and believing with you that God will heal and strengthen you!

  11. pumpkins stems, eh???
    you're my kind'a woman!!!!

    I'm praying sweetie

  12. God bless you... I will pray for you. It's such a blessing to know God... Fortunately they have caught it so soon and that they have a plan for you.



  13. I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. The positive note here is you caught it in the early stages.

    Best wishes my friend.


  14. Susie,
    I am praying for you my sweet friend. I also have a feeling everything is going to be ok. You do have a great attitude. Big hugs from Washington state.


  15. Susie, just wanted you to know I'm standing with you. Sorry to read this, but I know that God is bigger than Cancer. Hugs and prayers being sent to you, T


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