Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never Met A White Chair I Didn't Love

I'm a little nuts over white chairs...I can't resist 'em!

This is my most recent dimunitive doll chair.  It is hand crafted and has many, many layers of old white paint.  The date '1895' is penciled in on the bottom!

These are 2 antique child's chairs that are usually in the living room at my coffee table; however, I got a little too zealous this Spring and sold my coffee table (my husband still reminds me how much he loved that table).  They have been perfect for my grandson and visiting children to sit at and snack, color and play at the table.  I NEED A NEW COFFEE TABLE!

Here's the chairs at my old table...
I know, I was a great table....

In the Dining Room.....I have four of these awesome chairs.  They are solid and sturdy!
Here's an archived pic of all four (couldn't take one today cause the table is loaded with stuff to be put away)
In the corner for additional seating..

The Bedroom Chair (I had to remove 3 purses, 2 straw hats and assorted clothing to take this pic...they are now on the bed....)

Lastly, a few white garden chairs...
"Old chairs don't die, they just go to the garden"
This will be covered soon with white cypress vine
When they totally fall apart I use the wood for other projects.   I have a neat idea for this stack....will post soon!

Well I'm off to link up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for this week's White Wednesday!  Hope yours is great!



  1. I love your chairs!! Especially the garden chairs. Now I have something to be looking for! Found you on Faded Charm.

  2. I love all of your chairs, especially that last one! That really was a great coffee table, but I bet there's an even better one in your future!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  3. Love them, especially the childrens' chairs. I've only got one, but I'd love to find more.

  4. I adore all your chairs! The older the better I say. I also love it that you had to *remove purses,hats and clothing* from your one chair to take that photo. Now that is being real!!
    Happy WW!

  5. You have the best collection of chippy white chairs, I have to MAKE mine look old!

  6. I love chairs too. Really like your little ones!!!
    Have a great day

  7. I'm a chair nut too. Most of them are not all that sturdy so they just fall apart in a couple of yrs. But then I can just buy more!
    ps yours are wonderful!

  8. you'll never live down selling that fab table, from michael or me.



  9. You certainly do have some great white chairs. I even love the ones that got sent outside.

    I received my numbers and want to thank you again. These will come in very handy.

    Hope you had a wonderul Wednesday.


  10. What a nice collection of chairs. They all have so much character. sandi

  11. I sold a yellow legged table almost identical in size with a drawer that ran the width in a fevered purge last year.. :(
    I sold it to a good friend, so at least I have visitation rights.....
    Because of your post I thought I would count the number of chairs on my first floor? Ready?

    22..I had no idea...oh dear! Do you need some? hehe


    and..thank you for your sweet comment today.

  12. I just love your white chairs. You can NEVER have too many of them.


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