Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did Someone Say "Old Drawers"?

I'm linking up with Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special featuring "Old Drawers".  I have a few....

Now don't even ask what's inside each of these drawers!?

Notice a 'white' theme here?

I just recently found this old drawer.  I didn't care for the handle at all (it was kinda deco), so I had this old iron piece of hardware that I attached with rusty wire.

I found this old drawer which fit perfectly into my cupboard...sos now I can tuck away my ribbons.

A few other drawers throughout my home.

Well, it's 1:43 am...and I think I better go to bed.  I'll probably dream of drawers tonite!


  1. Woa... that first cab is a beauty! And of course you have to know I'm now curious what's in the drawers! LOL

    Love the patina on the last drawer too. Beautiful!


  2. Like those first set of drawers! ;)bb

  3. What is it about old chippy white drawers that I love? Great post!
    Enjoy your weekend here in sunny Central Florida!

  4. LOVE all your drawers, especially the first one. Your big craft cabinet floors me, I want it so badly! LOVE IT. New follower, now.

  5. Love that first cabinet. So great!

    All of your things have such great patina and beauty.

    Partying with you tonight at Donna's.

  6. A RUSTY wire, eh? Hey that could be posted for next week's theme on SNS!!!!!

    Love all those drawers!

  7. If I say I love your drawers...that just doesn't sound very nice, but I do!
    My granny always called me a plunderer...she was right, but I think it has always been that I was drawn to drawers and the mystery of to know what's inside. Not really looking for anything, just wondering. I have several of the small little chest of drawers, and I have two old library cabinets that I cherish... and each drawer is full! What a wonderful post!!

  8. Oh my, what lovely drawers you have. ;)
    Love how you showcased them.
    They are all so pretty.
    Stopping over from SNS linky party.

  9. Susie you have the coolest drawers I've ever seen. Perfect chippy white...everything I adore you know!!! Gosh I am coveting your cupboard.


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