Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where's The Kitty?

I've been organizing my pictures and made an "Annie Britt" folder. So, of course, I thought I'd share a few pics.....she's always changing her 'hangouts'!  Of course, now that we have the D O G, she doesn't come inside very often.  They haven't exactly made 'friends' yet.

Right, smack dab on top of my parsley!

I'm sure they'll be friends before too long?!  Duke is willing....Annie Britt...not so much!


  1. cats do have a way of finding some unique places to sleep.I love the 3rd photo...such a sweet little face.

  2. love the first picture!!so sweet..

  3. What a cutie! Hope she and Duke become good friends! Just think of all the trouble she can show him!

  4. Love the kitty! I have three rescues and have more pictures of them sleeping than anything. She will get used to the dog - cat time.....

  5. Oh, I just love this. I have two and they are always eating then laying on my plants. They are "chewers". Annie is a real cutie, don't you just love all the places they find to hang out?
    sending you an email. Thanks again!

  6. so glad i found your blog via a link at kathleen's faded charm.
    great post (BTW hope your kitty and Duke will soon become best buddies) and congrats on your White Wednesday post: I'l loving all the whites you've shared. Will be back againa soon


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