Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Wednesday

Well, better late than never...!  I had great plans to post my Christmas tree and decor for todays White Wednesday, but....(I'm not done yet)...Imagine that!  I did put this little tree together with the ice skate ornaments...kinda cute?

I have this dilema with this cute little child's swing...I just can't seem to find it a home...or purpose.  Right now, it's just hanging on a nail in my carport. The seat leans downward, so it really isn't useful as a shelf...(I guess I could try to rig it up to hang flat....well, stay tuned for that!

 I found these cute little white pansies today on my lunch break.
They make me happy!

Look what I found at Target....the cutest 'mercury glass' style birds.  Of course, they are by Smith & Hawkin....really cute (sorry not the best pics!).

These 'mercury glass' ornaments were at Lowe's (4 for $7.00).

This will be the first time I have decorated my tree in silver....still a work in progress, but with the help of these bargain's starting to come together for me.

Thanks again to Kathleen for hosting White Wednesday!


  1. Susie, I love your whites. White Wednesday is so much fun. I really enjoy blog hopping and seeing what everyone out there is doing for Christmas. Those birds are beautiful. Mercury glass is a fave of mine.

  2. Oh I am lovin those birds, will patiently wait for you to finish decorating, we can wait, I'll build a fire. Oh shoot, if only I had a fire place. I do have a mantle, so I'll pretend.

  3. Susie, everything looks great. I haven't gotten any Christmas stuff posted yet, so I'm more behind than you are. I'm going to try and get stuff up this weekend. I have a little bench out front that I keep a couple of small plants on, and everyone always comments on how they like it. Just an idea for your childs seat, although I don't know if it would work or not.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your little skate tree is adorable! Also like your finds of the birds and ornaments. I love silver and white at Christmas, I better get decorating soon!

  5. Susie, KIND of cute?? WAY too cute; along with all of your other finds. thanks for sharing it all!

  6. Hi Suzie
    Love that little tree with the ice skates, very cute.
    I haven't gotten my poor tree decorated yet either. it has been sitting there with lights on it since Thanksgiving.

  7. The only Christmas decorating I have done is to put up my son's tree in his bedroom. Love the mercury glass and the white pansies...they make me smile! Happy thoughts and many wishes for a wondeful week!

  8. I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" since it's been a while. I hope everything is going well with you.

    Take care,



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