Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Bee Hunt"

 I am infatuated with 'bees' and have collected bee stuff for many years.  I even plan to purchase a hive of bees as soon as I can save enough money!....




  1. Oh you will love having bees!! I became a beekeeper this June and absolutely love it!! There is so much we can learn from bees! You will have to let me know when you get some. I have 2 hives and a friend gave me 4 more hives without bees. It is a little bit of money to get started but I hope to recoop most next year when I can sell the honey they make!


  2. Oh I forgot, If you really are wanting to have a hive someday I would encourage you to read up now - I didn't- just flew by the seat of my pants and am trying to make up for lost time now

  3. Susie- actually it would probably be better to let neighbors know. Read up on bees- get educated then go to your neighbors and tell them the blessings of bees in the hood! There gardens and flowers will bloom more- there is not danger of bees going to neighbor pools and such as long as you have a water source. Also check with your city ordinances to make sure it is ok to have bees. Can't wait to see how much you fall in love with the girls (most bees- at least the ones that do the work are girl bees!)

  4. Pretty, pretty pictures. Love those plates. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Happy day!

  5. Oh...I love all of the bees!!!


  6. Hi Susie!!!! You. are. an angel!!! I just got a wonderful package in the mail today!!! Thank you so much sweet Susie, I love each and every thing ~ You are so thoughtful ~ and you know that I'll be sure to share these with everyone too. How neat that you like bees!!! I seem to too...but I don't think I'll have a hive :)
    Thank you again sweet friend, I'll post about the goodies soon too!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Best of luck to you on getting your bees! They are wonderful in the garden! Thanks so much for stopping by the Burbs...and for your sweet comment!


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