Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Over The River and Through The Woods...

One of my must-do things this time of year is to go pickin' for my Christmas greenery.  I have my route figured out, my favorite spots have been scouted, and I hop in the pick-up and off I go.  
 Today, I even managed pick a few trash piles!
Old metal step ladder...white, chippy and rusty!
I love this willowy pine(?).  How about these tiny pinecones?
White drawer (I had to leave the workbench behind) with arborvitae and check out the purple berries.  These berries will not dry...but their color is so striking, I had to pick 'em.

Pepperberries grow prolifically here in Florida, and the berries turn a lovely shade of red the first of December...just in time for decorating!  I'm always jealous of those who have bittersweet readily available in the Fall, but here we have pepperberries.  I have listed a few bunches for sale in my Etsy Shop.

And lastly, this rusty old thing.....perhaps a plant stand?

Well...this post is not 'all white', but I'm linking up for White Wednesday hosted by the talented Kathleen of Faded Charm.  Be sure to stop by as she is offering a great giveaway too!



  1. How lucky you are to find your own greenery and berries. I had to BUY bunches from the garden center!! And I haven't seen any berries except the faux variety!! Love the step ladder and drawer!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Hi Susie! I love everything you found. Apparently you couldn't fit the workbench in the your car so you only took the drawer?;>)

    I love that old ladder, too...AND the amazing greenery you found. Do you think that rusty old stand was for a wash tub? xo Diana

  3. Those pepper berries are so pretty!
    Nice pickin's!

  4. Those purple berries (Beautyberry?) are sooo pretty! Sounds like you had such a fun day! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Great finds, never thought of using pepper berries, they look pretty!


  6. Great finds Susie!! We have the rose hips around here, but I wish we had pepperberries. Do they dry easily? Also, I have a beauty berry bush with these lovely purple berries and also one that will have pink berries later in the winter.

    Happy decorating:-)


  7. Basically, the pepperberries are already 'dry' once they turn red. They are fragile and will 'smoosh' easily which releases a peppery scent. They will keep for years, but will fade in color as time goes by.

  8. I still have some of the wonderful pepperberries you sent me. I would easily trade our invasive bittersweet for some pepperberry plants.....but that would be unkind:)

    Are those beauty berries?


  9. I'm not sure about the purple berries. They grow wild in the woods....but hard to find!

  10. Wow! Love your finds. I have not seen those purple berries before your post. They are gorgeous and so is the greenery you found. Happy holidays!

  11. You are so creative gal! Love that you made the rounds for some fun "greens"!! I found some pine garland in WalMart 20 ft for $7. I thought that was great for fresh greenery so I got me some! I'll be decorating with it tomorrow!!

    Oh and by the way, I am so sorry for forgetting to get back to you on the linens. If you still have them, please just invoice me at junktojoyshop@yahoo.com Thanks so much!!
    Hope all is well, sweetie!
    I may give you a buzz in a few days to chat a bit!!

    Love and hugs,


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