Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White Wednesday

I'm linking up this post with Faded Charm hosted by Kathleen.  Looks like she's been moving things around.....well I'm right there with ya Katheen!  Today I redid the shelf that is between my kitchen and dining room, and a small wall in the dining room.

It's a tricky space as there is a partial wall from the ceiling, the floor changes from the kitchen to the dining room, and the kitchen peninsula is also right there.

I love this old chipipy white stool, and finally covered the top today with a remnant from a grain sack.
Love the patch work.

I know the hanging ironstone platters are not a new design, but I'm really pleased with the look....at least for a while!  These are all crackled and wonderfully stained.

(looks like the middle one is a little crooked)

This old concrete chicken is one of my favorite things with layers and layers of old white paint....perhaps the theme for Easter?

I love these eggs.  They are real and the natural colors.  I found them on Ebay!

So tomorrow I just have to  clean off the dining room table which is a big mess (everything I moved is on the table right now).....I need more room!

Happy White Wednesday!


  1. I really like plates hanging on the wall. Your platters are so pretty, just love the look their age makes them beautiful!

  2. Oh my I love the shelf and really love the little step stools. Beautiful post. ~~Sherry~~

  3. I love your concrete rooster too, wanna send him to me!?!?! JK! Your ironstone platters hung on your wall and FABULOUS! I, too, love that they are stained and crackled!!! Means they were well loved!

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  4. OHHHHH I LOVE IT ALL! That chippy box is the BEST!

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  6. i love all you chippy whiteness! so cute...my favorite is that box at the very bottom. Love that! xoox

  7. I'm loving those crazed platters hanging on the wall and the stack of old baskets.....two of my favorite things lately.


  8. I love your concrete rooster too! What a great piece!

  9. Susie ~
    That all looks so very beautiful!!
    I love whites so much ~

  10. Looks great Susie...I love the stools all grouped together!!

  11. LOVE the Ironstone plates....they are perfect! Fantastic post! Hugs, Janna

  12. Susie,
    I was catching up on some older posts & this one blew me away. The pic with the platters on the wall. I love everything about it. I collect those wicker hampers & actually painted one white yesterday just to see how it would look. I am going to distress & antique it today. Love them stacked with the platters & that amazing lamp!!! You have such great things. Lisa


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