Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Fun Day at the Antique Market

My 'white radar' was going crazy today at Rennigers Antique Market.  Michael and I had so much fun!   This was the first time in 'years' that we have gone antiquing together. We saw lots of cool stuff and saw many old friends...kinda felt like the good old days!

Cool old box with metal edges!
Filled with white odds and ends

Love this old zinc piece with layers of crusty white paint

These wood pieces were being used to level the dealer's table.

Found 2 of these vintage weathered wood trellis'.

I also found boxes full of fun pieces and parts....hopefully to be incorporated into some projects soon!

It was a good day!



  1. Love your new finds ...That box is great and of course the white string is perfect ...I can never get enough white string ..always picking it up at estate sales .LOL silly hah.

    Looks like you had fun..

    Blessings ...Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  2. Ok Not fair! I never find anything white around here or if it's expensive! You can get your hubby to go antique shopping? mine today told me " stop buying old stuff"
    I laughed!


  3. I love all the fun stuff you got!! I love antiquing with friends ~ so fun!


  4. I was there on Friday and had a GREAT day. Found lots of neat items for my garden. I can hardly wait for the next on in November.

  5. Glad you had a fun time at the flea market and found some great new stuff!

  6. hi, love your blog, are any of your string spools for sale? gio


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