Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Favorite Product To Share!

I think I'm in love......with Primitive Life Organic Milk Paint!

A good friend of mine, Dawn Williams of When Pigs Fly Again  (a most wonderful Antique Primitive Shop located in Mt. Dora, Florida),  gave me a box of Primitive Life Milk Paint to try.  

I have painted for many, many years, but never really painted a large piece of furniture.

Well, it just so happened that I came across this cupboard with good style and at a great price, but
it was painted pretty bad.

Unfortunately, this isn't the true before picture....this is after my husband sanded it.  The paint was a glossy, yellowy color with florals painted on the bottom panels.  I had also painted the top here.

The color of Primitive Life Milk Paint that I used is "Cotton".
If you are a follower of my Blog, you know I love all things white.

I mixed up the Milk Paint according to directions (I used my Magic Bullet for mixing which worked great),
and started painting.

The paint went on beautifully and I love the color, but........
I prefer a more distressed look.
 (Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the pure white cupboard)

So, I sanded the top, but this only brought out the 'creamy' color.
Humm, how about some brown glaze?  Nope
Clear wax mixed with brown paint?  Nope

Okay, lets put the cupboard in it's new home and see how it looks.  Looks Good
After a few days, I knew I needed to come up with an idea to distress the cupboard....

Dry brushed with brown acrylic paint.  Love It!

So, I have a new, favorite product with lots of ideas!

Here's the link to the website:  The Primitive Life Milk Paint

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  1. It looks great! I am going to have to try milk paint and sooon.. Love your new creation. Blessings!

  2. It feels so good to step back and admire something we have transformed by hand doesn't it?
    Great job- Enjoy :D

  3. W0w- That looks really good, Susie- It looks old, worn and well-loved. xo Diana

  4. I need to give that product a try. The touches of brown paint gives it the worn look we all love. Great job.
    I started painting our coffee table too which I need to finish btw. I was in a rush and never took a before photo. I didn't want to lose my nerve since hubby had bought it and liked it as is.
    ok maybe I'll give that table one more coat right now

  5. Looks great! I really like the brown paint accents.


  6. Love the cabinet and always love the look of milk paint!Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow Susie! What a fabulous piece and an awesome makeover!! It looks amazing! You know I just LOVE all of your decor! It is so warm and welcoming!! Thanks for linking up to BWW!!


  8. I love it! I also love the bowl/pot that is sitting on it!!!

  9. First of all, where did you get that amazing cabinet?!! I didn't think you could find something like that around here...LUCKY YOU!
    It looks wonderful, I love the way you distressed it. Good work!

  10. Susie, great paint job and cabinet!! You find the greatest stuff...



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